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Always Blessed

Always Blessed is not only dedicated to my writing but more important to the healing process that has taken place in my life.  My first published work, "From the Valley to the Mountain Top is this incrediable journey.  In February of 2009 this work was accepted by Publish America.  It has been an awesome adventure so far and I look forward to not only writing but seeing God bless through this work.  Please feel free to browze my web site and sign my guest book.  I enoucourage comments about my book or web site and if you have the opportunity to read my book I would love to hear from you.  In His Love Sal

Coming Soon . . .

It is my hope to eventually have a page for reviews and also a page for upcoming events once "From the Valley to the Mountain Top" .  The release date is set for May 16, 2009 .  Also I will highlight my next work that is now in the process of being completed.  Please stop by from time to time to see what's new. 

Your comments are important to me!

Take a moment to sign my guest book and if you do not have a church home please visit my church in Hopewell, Virginia, located at 2300 Bluefield.  If you are  a Christian Writer  I have found that Publish America is a great place to submit.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Why a web site?

I beleive that there are many, many people that have been hurt in thier lives.  Some maybe more than myself.  My hope is that my book and my web site will provide insite for these people.  Healing comes a step at a time when we take that first step to healing our minds though Christ.  What an amazing journey it is when you see his power working in one's life.  What an awesome testimony it is to others when we share his love and healing power with each other.   

Behind the Scenes

What are you going to find here?  Well my hope is that you will find a door to healing and an understanding of what God can do for you when you just ask.  My story is simply a testimony of his awesome love for this Child of God.   Always remember that when you begin your journey it is very important to listen to what His will is for you.  Search out His Word, find a good mentor, and pray without ceasing.  He is there just waiting to take your hand.